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More Bad News..

May 29, 2009

Thank you to all of you that have been praying and pulling for us through the last few weeks since we broke the news about the abnormality found during my wifes pregnancy. Unfortunatley the news got worse yesterday because the baby’s heart gave out sometime during the week. The mass was too large and too aggressive for the baby to handle. In the end the bright side is that we didn’t have to make any of the hard choices we were given, that something intervened and made the choices for us. That said, it still sucks to the highest degree. We only found out about the mass 3 weeks ago and we went on quite the roller coaster ride over those three weeks from thinking terrible things to being hopeful back to thinking terrible things and finally to yesterday when we got the news about the heart (even though we both knew it going into the appointment yesterday). So thank you, it means a lot knowing that friends were taking a minute out of their day to say a little prayer for us.


The Weekend Recap

May 26, 2009

The weekend, we will talk about this first because this is the happy stuff. Dylan’s 3rd Birthday part was held on Saturday. We did a Spiderman themed bowling party and he loved every minute of it. He loved bowling and did very well with it. It was his second time bowling and I think we’ll have to bring him again someday soon. Dylan got LOTS of Spiderman gifts. In fact I didn’t even know they made so many Spiderman things.  We had Pizza, cake and spent a lot of the remaining time during the weekend playing with Spiderman, feather swords and reading train books. Sunday we took Dylan to the Land of Make Believe, which is a small family amusement park located in NJ. We’ve taken him there a bunch of times and he loves it so much. It was really nice because the forecast had some rain in it and people basically stayed away for the day. At times, Dylan was the only kid on the ride. After we got home we put on some roller blades we got for our birthday and learned to skate around the parking lot across the street.  Monday we went and watched a parade in town and then spent the remainder of the day outside playing while Mommy and Daddy cleaned up and oganzided the garage. Dylan was a big help with that as well and now the garage is very clean and organized so that Dylan can get to everything that is his. I think he had a great weekend and thats what it was all about.

Now the not so happy stuff, some baby news as I know people are asking. Terri and I went to the doctor on Friday and got some news we didn’t really want to get. The mass on the baby’s neck is growing and grew a lot in the 2 weeks since our last appointment. Because the mass is growing, the heart is being strained by providing the mass and the baby with blood. It’s very unlikely the baby can survive if something isn’t done. The doctor basically laid out 3 options on the table for us. We have an appointment at the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia next week to talk to doctors there about in utero surgeries and if it is at all possible and what the risks are vs the benefits of doing such a surgery, which is option #1. Option #2 is letting nature do its thing which probably means the baby won’t survive and option #3 is termination of the pregnancy. All three choices are extremely hard and this situation is stressful and mentally exhausting for me and mentally and physically exhausting for Terri. We have another appointment on Thursday to see the same doctors we saw on Friday to see if anything has changed in the week. Please keep us in your thoughts and prayers.

3 Years Already…

May 18, 2009

My little boy turns three years old today and like all parents, I am wondering how 3 years has gone by already. In those three years, I hope that I have taught a thing or two to Dylan because he has sure taught me many things in those three years. He brings great joy to my life, even in those moments that aren’t so joyous. Below is a quick photo set I put together. All these pictures were taken right around his birthday. Starting in the left corner is me holding him in the hospital, him around 1 year old in a Football Jersey his Uncle bought him in London, on his second birthday with his new Thomas Trains and 1 week ago posing as a rockstar… Happy Birthday Dylan and I love you VERY much!!

Random Things on a Friday Afternoon

May 15, 2009

– I don’t really pay attention to the celeb gossip rags because they are people who deserve privacy and if I read them, then I am just feeding into the need for people to bother them but it doesn’t mean that I don’t occasionally hear about something that’s being talked about. All this gossip about Jon & Kate (you know, those parents with the 8 kids..) seems pretty fishy. See, a new season of their show starts in a few days and this little family controversy stinks of cheap publicity to get people to watch. By the way, I’m amazed at the dumb shit people watch. If you’ve ever watched the show, its terrible.

– Lost…oh how its going to be a long long time until you come back. We’ve got to get through the summer, Thanksgiving and The Holidays (wait, isn’t Thanksgiving part of  “The Holidays?”  before we get to find out what happens next. You know, a year from now when Lost is done and we know everything (yeah right!!) is going to REALLY suck.

– Dylan’s 3rd birthday is on Monday. 3 years already…that’s just CRAZY!! His birthday party is next weekend and we are doing a Spiderman theme with bowling because my nephew had a bowling party last August and Dylan LOVED it.

– New Green Day album out…I’m hoping its even remotely close to being as good as American Idiot is which I think I would probably rank as one of the best, if not, the best album in the last 10 years.

– A thank you to all of you out there who have told me your thoughts and prayers our with us after reading about Terri’s pregnancy. We have another appointment next week to see whats going on. Of course you can read Terri’s take here but I will continue to talk about it here.


May 12, 2009

When I was younger there was this awesome band that came from our great state of NJ called From Good Homes. My friends and I saw them perform many times and their annual summer concert near their home town became a ritual for us. I introduced them to my Terri who also liked them from the first listen. They were a band that you couldn’t help but love. As the band members got older and started having kids, they decided to go their seperate ways. One of the members, Brady Rymer, ended up writing children’s music, something I found out after Dylan was born. His latest CD has this song that’s been stuck in my head for a number of weeks. I think this song does a pretty good job at summing up what having kids is all about. It’s called “Again”…

Again (click to listen!)

When you twirl me around
Lift me up off the ground
There’s nothing better in this world
Once is never enough you know
Cmon mama…go go, I never want that feeling to end

So I say Again…again cmon and do it again
Again… Again

When you throw me up high
High up in the blue sky
There’s nothing better in this world
Twice is nice, three’s a tease
Cmon daddy, pretty please, I never want the feeling to end

So I say Again…again cmon and do it again
Again… Again
Again…again cmon and do it again (C’mon!)

When you give me a hug
Fill me up with so much love
There’s nothing better in this world
Like the sunrise everday, peaking through my window shade
I never want that feeling to end

So I say Again…again cmon and do it again
Again… Again
Again…again cmon and do it again
Yeah Yeah Yeah
Again Again Again


May 11, 2009

It’s been a whirlwind of emotions over the last week but Terri and I remain hopeful. Let me catch you up to speed. Last Tuesday morning, Terri was scheduled for her 20 week ultrasound. I didn’t go with her because I had to be at work and it was supposed to be a routine ultrasound. It was anything but routine. An abnormality was found during the ultrasound and the doctor’s initial diagnosis was that it was a Cervical Teratoma. This is basically a tumor/mass that is growing on the baby’s neck, just below the chin. Terri had an amnio done to check on the babies chromosones and a few other things. We were sent to get a Fetal Echocardiogram and then more ultrasounds and an MRI to determine what was going on.

Thursday we did the Fetal Echo and while the doctor couldn’t see a few things because the pictures weren’t coming out very well. The told us that we shouldn’t really worry about it too much because this happens and things should be ok. Terri’s amnio preliminary results came back and everything is ok in this aspect.

Friday we headed to Robert Wood University Hospital and met with a new doctors. They did more ultrasounds and MRI, and confirmed the original diagnosis. They did see everything the doctors on Thursday couldn’t so the heart appears fine. So where are we at? The growth on the baby’s neck is right below the chin, starting at the midline and going to the left. There are not a lot of these cases so we won’t find a doctor that has done this many time. Right now, we need to monitor the tumor and see how much it will grow over time. We saw that the baby had two lips, a nose, a chin, two ears and a jaw bone that is formed…all good things. There is some blood flow to the tumor which means it can grow and we have to keep an eye on the heart and make sure the heart contiues to function normally and doesn’t get overworked. The doctors found a small stomach bubble which could suggest the baby isn’t swallowing fluid normally but they also said small stomach bubbles at this point can be normal. This will be monitored very closely. The growth isn’t covering the nose or mouth at this time. We are figuring out which is the best hospital to do this surgery, whether is be RWJ Univeristy Hospital or the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia. This is an answer we don’t have yet but certainly will in the upcoming weeks.

We have to go back in 2 weeks and have another peek at things and see whats changed in these two weeks. As I said in the beginning of this post, Terri and I remain hopeful. There are things that need to be overcome and things we are hoping go our way. Of course anything can change at the drop of a hat but right now, we are extrememly hopeful for this baby. I will certainly keep updating this story here and you can follow anything Terri says over here.

A New Place

May 7, 2009

Welcome!! This is my new home. My other blog was up for renewal and I just didn’t feel it was worth the money to renew. If you’ve notice lately, there haven’t been a lot of posts and with the free services that offers, I figured moving over here was the right thing to do. If you’ve followed me over here, thanks and I hope to write entries more oftern.