Henry, Hoopty’s and the Big Red Car

We spent the weekend with our friend Ari and Amber and their two sons Harrison and Elijah. We had a blast. We took the kids to Six Flags The Great Escape on Saturday and boy was it hot. I know Dylan had a blast jumping on all the rides and then making it over to Wiggles world.  While at Wiggles World he got to ride on the Big Red Car, something he had been talking about doing for days because we told him about it a few days before we went. In fact, on the ride up he kept mentioning it but we went up on Friday night and I think he was a little disappointed the Big Red Car wasn’t at Ari and Amber’s house. He got to hug Henry, Wags, Dorothy and the Captain, which I know he loved.

Saturday was a very HOT day, maybe the hottest day this summer. After we got back from the Great Escape, we jumped in their pool for a bit which certain made us feel much cooler,  ate dinner, put the kids to bed and watched Role Models, which was pretty funny.

Sunday we got up, played with the kids, talked about hoopty’s,  took some very tired kids to breakfast, returned to the house to play for a little bit more then got on the road for the trip home. Trip home wasn’t too bad, Dylan took a nice nap in the car and then played with his legos and water table when we got home. Thanks to Ari and Amber for being such wonderful hosts, can’t wait to do it again someday!!

We had a lot of fun this weekend but it was one extremely tiring weekend. I think next weekend is going to be more of the same. Saturday we’re going to the RenFaire for the day and Sunday is my nephew’s 6th birthday party.

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