Ooooo..An Update

Yup, I am still here. I’ve ignored this place for a little while but I’ve had some good reasons for it. I am writing a blog for the Blgouin Network that covers the New Jersey Devils so I’ve been throwing most of my spare time into writing over there. You can find Bloguin here or my site here

As for things going on around my life. Dylan is pretty much potty trained. His school was the driving force behind it as they called us up one day and asked us to send him to school in big boy undies with lots of changes of clothes. At first he had accidents and occasionally now he’ll have an accident here or there but really he’s been wonderful at going in the potty. He’s apparently been accident free for 2 weeks because he got to start swimming at school today where the rule is accident free for 2 weeks to be allowed to do that. So those of you out there going to do the potty training thing, everyone told us to just stick him in underwear and he’ll get it. We didn’t believe it but its true, it really did work.

Rooney: We rescued Rooney from a kill shelter from the help of a rescue group a few weeks ago. He’s a beagle/basset hound and he’s a good little dog. He’s fully grown, weighs 28 lbs and is just the perfect size. He’s got his issues tho, most abandonment issues. If we don’t crate him when we leave, he freaks out. Poor little guy and curses to the people in this world that treat animals poorly.

Playroom: Going slower than I had hoped but its all framed, the sheetrock on the ceiling has been started. I am hoping to really put a dent into the amount of work needed next weekend.

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