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Dylan’s Favorite Commercial

December 10, 2009

Gee I wonder why!!?? Everytime we see this video he gets a huge smile on his face. Someday you know this scene will take place in some girls house somewhere about our Dylan….

Click Here To Watch (Yes it’s safe!!)


Halloween…or is that Halloboob?

November 2, 2009

Halloween…was it a success? That seemed to be the first question I got asked as I walked into work this morning. Lets say this, I think Halloween was kind of a bust, or at least it was a bust for a while.

Dylan had soccer at the Y in the morning and then came home for lunch and took a bath because he was extremely sweaty and got into his costume after his bath. It rained a good part of the afternoon and after running some errands while it was raining, we got home around 4pm to find the rain starting to stop. Dylan put on the rest of his costume and out the door we went. When we started, it was still misting some, then for a brief minute of two, the rain really came down but then eventually it just stopped. Everything was going pretty well except that he wouldn’t go to a house that had anything “scary” on the steps, porch, door, etc. and by scary I mean anything Halloween. Then, we got to this one house which seemed normal, like it would be a normal stop on our route but he rang the bell and then the shit hit the fan. The guy who lived there answered the door in a scary mask. I was standing in the driveway waiting while Terri and Dylan went to the door, I wasn’t looking when he answered but all I heard was a hysterical scream and cry and saw Dylan trying to haul ass away from the house. The guy took off the mask, gave Dylan candy but it didn’t matter, from that point on he was done. He had gotten his M&M’s so he was a happy kid about that and just wanted to go home. We got him to a few other houses but Halloween 2009 ended shortly after the mask incident.

We ended up eating dinner at the mall, getting candy from a few stores still giving it out while we were there and eventually got to ride on a motorized Dragon, which made him very happy.

Last year, while trick or treating, there was this one house with a scary display out front. It was dubbed the “Scary House” for the entire year since but we didn’t go up to it this year (probably because of the idiot with the mask) but we ended up seeing the owner of the “Scary House” while across the street at another house. Lets just say that I have a new name for this house this year. While talking to her about how much of an impression her house made on Dylan last year, she lifter her arm out because she was walking a dog. Normally, there’s no issue when one does this but this woman, had no bra on and one of those shirts where the arm hole is like the entire side of the shirt. It makes one a little uncomfortable when talking to someone and their boob tries to join in on the conversation. I mean you’re in public, shouldn’t you cover up a bit?

All I could think of was this….

How was your Halloween?

Why I Love My Flip

August 10, 2009

For Father’s Day this year I got a Flip. I love the thing. It makes taking video in situations where you wouldn’t carry a video camera a breeze. They come out in HD and make it simple to upload to a PC. It’s an awesome little camera. It has a rechargeable battery in it but in a pinch, takes 2 AA batteries so you’ll never be without power.

Case in point, Terri and Dylan went to the Land of Make Believe on Saturday while I stayed home to work on the house. They came home with a ton of videos for me to watch. How cool is that?? Here are 2 of my favorites.

This is Dylan on the Train and LoMB which he absolutely loves…

LoMB has a castle where they do live shows but use the guests at the part to act in them. This is the second time Dylan has done it, this time as a Spriggan?? Whatever that is.. of course Dylan sees the horns and thinks cow!!

The Weekend Recap

May 26, 2009

The weekend, we will talk about this first because this is the happy stuff. Dylan’s 3rd Birthday part was held on Saturday. We did a Spiderman themed bowling party and he loved every minute of it. He loved bowling and did very well with it. It was his second time bowling and I think we’ll have to bring him again someday soon. Dylan got LOTS of Spiderman gifts. In fact I didn’t even know they made so many Spiderman things.  We had Pizza, cake and spent a lot of the remaining time during the weekend playing with Spiderman, feather swords and reading train books. Sunday we took Dylan to the Land of Make Believe, which is a small family amusement park located in NJ. We’ve taken him there a bunch of times and he loves it so much. It was really nice because the forecast had some rain in it and people basically stayed away for the day. At times, Dylan was the only kid on the ride. After we got home we put on some roller blades we got for our birthday and learned to skate around the parking lot across the street.  Monday we went and watched a parade in town and then spent the remainder of the day outside playing while Mommy and Daddy cleaned up and oganzided the garage. Dylan was a big help with that as well and now the garage is very clean and organized so that Dylan can get to everything that is his. I think he had a great weekend and thats what it was all about.

Now the not so happy stuff, some baby news as I know people are asking. Terri and I went to the doctor on Friday and got some news we didn’t really want to get. The mass on the baby’s neck is growing and grew a lot in the 2 weeks since our last appointment. Because the mass is growing, the heart is being strained by providing the mass and the baby with blood. It’s very unlikely the baby can survive if something isn’t done. The doctor basically laid out 3 options on the table for us. We have an appointment at the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia next week to talk to doctors there about in utero surgeries and if it is at all possible and what the risks are vs the benefits of doing such a surgery, which is option #1. Option #2 is letting nature do its thing which probably means the baby won’t survive and option #3 is termination of the pregnancy. All three choices are extremely hard and this situation is stressful and mentally exhausting for me and mentally and physically exhausting for Terri. We have another appointment on Thursday to see the same doctors we saw on Friday to see if anything has changed in the week. Please keep us in your thoughts and prayers.

3 Years Already…

May 18, 2009

My little boy turns three years old today and like all parents, I am wondering how 3 years has gone by already. In those three years, I hope that I have taught a thing or two to Dylan because he has sure taught me many things in those three years. He brings great joy to my life, even in those moments that aren’t so joyous. Below is a quick photo set I put together. All these pictures were taken right around his birthday. Starting in the left corner is me holding him in the hospital, him around 1 year old in a Football Jersey his Uncle bought him in London, on his second birthday with his new Thomas Trains and 1 week ago posing as a rockstar… Happy Birthday Dylan and I love you VERY much!!