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Friday Randomness

November 6, 2009

Cable TV/Internet/Phone has been a complete hemorrhoid in my life lately. I used to be a Verizon FIOS customer, a very happy FIOS customer but then one day it changed. All of the sudden one day it changed. My DVR would randomly reboot throughout the day and if it were in the middle of recording a show, you’d lose a big chunk of the show. I went through 3 or 4 “new” DVR’s from Verizon, all doing the same thing. So I got fed up, called Cablevision, got a good price and switched. One month later, with my tail between my legs, I called Verizon and schedule them to come and re-install their service. Verizon’s service might have its issues but Cablevision, YOU SUCK…PERIOD!! (I will miss MSG HD though..)

Speaking of things that suck… Trees and their leaves, you also suck. I have enough to do on the weekends but now there’s a whole backyard of leaves calling my name and Dylan’s and Terri’s!!

Dylan is a summer kind of kid. Getting out of the house in the morning lately now that we need a hat, coat and gloves hasn’t been the easiest task. I know it will get better but it’s a bad sign to be wishing for summer in November.

I can’t believe I am starting to think about and plan for Christmas lights. It really is true, the older you get the quicker the years go by.


Ooooo..An Update

October 12, 2009

Yup, I am still here. I’ve ignored this place for a little while but I’ve had some good reasons for it. I am writing a blog for the Blgouin Network that covers the New Jersey Devils so I’ve been throwing most of my spare time into writing over there. You can find Bloguin here or my site here

As for things going on around my life. Dylan is pretty much potty trained. His school was the driving force behind it as they called us up one day and asked us to send him to school in big boy undies with lots of changes of clothes. At first he had accidents and occasionally now he’ll have an accident here or there but really he’s been wonderful at going in the potty. He’s apparently been accident free for 2 weeks because he got to start swimming at school today where the rule is accident free for 2 weeks to be allowed to do that. So those of you out there going to do the potty training thing, everyone told us to just stick him in underwear and he’ll get it. We didn’t believe it but its true, it really did work.

Rooney: We rescued Rooney from a kill shelter from the help of a rescue group a few weeks ago. He’s a beagle/basset hound and he’s a good little dog. He’s fully grown, weighs 28 lbs and is just the perfect size. He’s got his issues tho, most abandonment issues. If we don’t crate him when we leave, he freaks out. Poor little guy and curses to the people in this world that treat animals poorly.

Playroom: Going slower than I had hoped but its all framed, the sheetrock on the ceiling has been started. I am hoping to really put a dent into the amount of work needed next weekend.

Birds = Composers??

September 17, 2009

Weekend Stuff

July 27, 2009

Ever have one of those extremely productive weekends? That’s how I feel this weekend was. I took Friday off because I had a big project of re-staining the deck ahead of me. We are throwing a party next weekend and it needed to be done and dry by that and I wanted it ALL done, not most of the way there by the time people come. I don’t have small deck, it has two levels to it and both levels are pretty big plus there are a lot of spindles and crevices, so I knew it would take time plus there was rain in the forecast so I needed to get it down and dry before the rain. I went to the paint store Friday to get what I needed  and they told me NOT to do it Friday because a big rainstorm was coming so I took their advice and did other things I needed to do around the house instead…IT NEVER RAINED but whatever!!

So Satuday I got up, ran a few errands got set up and was painting by 9:30 am. I got my iPod, cranked the tunes and just went. I think I took 1o mins to eat lunch but other than that I was getting working on the deck. I finished up at about 4:30pm and the entire thing was done. (a few minor touch ups needed this week, nothing major) but its looks so much better. My Wagner sprayer certainly saved me time on the lattice work that is underneath the entire deck.It rained Saturday night around 10pm but it didn’t harm the work I had just done. It also rained on and off all day Sunday but nothing hurt the deck.

Sunday we got up, Dylan sat on the potty without fussing and pooped in the potty for the first time. (we are really giving the potty training a push here) so we made a big deal about it, went to the store about a track for his hot wheels which I think he played with for like 4 hours yesterday and was playing with it this morning. We then ran other errands and before I knew it, it was Monday morning.

So how was your weekend??

Holy Sh!t, The Sun Was Out All Weekend

June 29, 2009

We took Dylan back to Sesame Place this weekend. We had originally planned for a weekend at SP earlier in the summer but after spending a day there and seeing how sick Terri was (this trip was after we found out the baby’s heart stopped but before any procedure) we decided to wait on Day 2 and do it later when Terri was feeling better and could enjoy it more. I think she did. She got to go on rides and did more than just go from bench to bench and sit. Of course Dylan loved it!! I got to use my new Flip and got some video of Dylan in SP. Next weekend is the beach which should be a whole lot of fun.

Sunday was buy a new fridge day (which was a chore and a half) and get some work done around the house. A weird thing did happen. Last weekend (on Father’s day) my neighbor that I had issues with in the past wished me a happy Father’s and asked if we could talk sometime. I hadn’t seen him again until yesterday and he basically apologized for the incidents that we had. It was kind of strange but at the same time I’d rather live peacefully among my neighbors. I know he recently saw me talking to a cop friend so I don’t know if that’s what sparked this apology 6 months after the incident or what but as long as we don’t live like the Hatfield and the McCoy’s, all is well.

At least it was a nice sunny weekend!!!

Random Weekend Stuff

June 22, 2009

I’m so tired of rain, it seems like that’s all it does now. I will say that it actually didn’t rain on Friday, which was good because my company had their annual golf outing after work. While it didn’t rain, the sun wasn’t out either so playing on the course after 3 straight days of heavy rains wasn’t much fun. Golf is a tough game to play with people who have never really played in their life. over 3 hours to complete 9 holes is kind of painful.

Dylan had a play date on Saturday, his first play date. Terri took him and it seemed to go really well. The funny thing is that if he and this other kid weren’t friends prior to Saturday, they are very good friends now. We’ll be doing another real soon!! I’d say close to a year ago, we brought Dylan to Build-A-Bear where he made a black dog. If you’ve ever been to Build-A-Bear you know that if you make a dog, they send it home in this box that looks like a house. Well, we had that box for a while before it didn’t resemble much of a box anymore and threw it out. I’d say that was, at the very least, 6 months ago (I thinking more than that though). Saturday morning, Dylan woke up looking for the box and wanting the box. It’s very strange the things they will remember. So, after his play date, we went to Build-A-Bear, with the intentions of building something new but he didn’t want that, just the box. Thankfully they gave us another box.

Saturday night we went out to dinner and Dylan was BOUNCING off the walls from being inside so much the last few weeks so we decided that Sunday we’d get out and do something. Since the forecast said rain, we made it to the Staten Island Children’s Museum. It was ok and I think Dylan had fun. You see, 2 summers ago we went to the Children’s Museum in Boston and have been looking for something like it since…it doesn’t exist. So if you live is Boston you’re very lucky! When we got home, it wasn’t raining so we decided to do some yard work that needed to be done. Dylan was just happy to be outside with a squirt bottle he got at the museum, squirting everything, including me, in a spot that made me look like I had bladder control issues.

For Daddy’s day I got a Flip video camera. The thing is great. It takes great HD quality video and comes in a small package that allows it to go places you wouldn’t consider bringing the big camera. If you have kids, have a normal video camera that you never use and curse yourself all the time about it, I suggest getting one. They are relatively inexpensive. I’ll post some videos I too soon!!

Random Things on a Friday Afternoon

May 15, 2009

– I don’t really pay attention to the celeb gossip rags because they are people who deserve privacy and if I read them, then I am just feeding into the need for people to bother them but it doesn’t mean that I don’t occasionally hear about something that’s being talked about. All this gossip about Jon & Kate (you know, those parents with the 8 kids..) seems pretty fishy. See, a new season of their show starts in a few days and this little family controversy stinks of cheap publicity to get people to watch. By the way, I’m amazed at the dumb shit people watch. If you’ve ever watched the show, its terrible.

– Lost…oh how its going to be a long long time until you come back. We’ve got to get through the summer, Thanksgiving and The Holidays (wait, isn’t Thanksgiving part of  “The Holidays?”  before we get to find out what happens next. You know, a year from now when Lost is done and we know everything (yeah right!!) is going to REALLY suck.

– Dylan’s 3rd birthday is on Monday. 3 years already…that’s just CRAZY!! His birthday party is next weekend and we are doing a Spiderman theme with bowling because my nephew had a bowling party last August and Dylan LOVED it.

– New Green Day album out…I’m hoping its even remotely close to being as good as American Idiot is which I think I would probably rank as one of the best, if not, the best album in the last 10 years.

– A thank you to all of you out there who have told me your thoughts and prayers our with us after reading about Terri’s pregnancy. We have another appointment next week to see whats going on. Of course you can read Terri’s take here but I will continue to talk about it here.