Music Wednesday – Woodstock

August 12, 2009

Hard to believe that the original Woodstock was 40 years ago. It’s kind of hard to believe that the second Woodstock to celebrate the first Woodstock happened 15 years ago. I was supposed to go to that one before my parents put the kibosh on those plans and ended p watching it via PPV.

Jimi Hendrix – 1969 – Purple Haze
The Who – 1969 – My Generation
CCR – 1969 – Born on the Bayou
Janis Joplin – 1969 – Piece of My Heart
Blood, Sweat & Tears – 1969 – Spinning Wheel

All these were classic performances at the original Woodstock and 1994 tried to re-do what 69 did but it just wasn’t the same but I do have a few favorites.

Primus – My Name is Mud – Considering it poured before Primus came out, there was LOTS of mud
Green Day – Paper Lanters – The INFAMOUS Green Day Mud Fight with Fans… Best quote of the show: “This isn’t peace and love, its fucking anarchy!!”
Cypus Hill – Insane in the Brain – Hip Hop, something no one in 1969 ever heard of!!
Nine Inch Nails – Closer – You could put the entire NIN set up here as it was insane, amazing, etc..

I know this one is from 1999’s version but its up for a reason:

Limp Bizkit – Break Stuff – 1999’s Woodstock was an Epic Fail due to the rowdy crowds that completely lost it, trashed the place and created complete caos. I trace it back to this moment of the show. Limp Bizkit invited everyone to let out their frustrations and anger and the crowd tore up the place. After LB got off the stage, Rage Against The Machine came on and just fueled the fire. There were too many angry bands that led the march and ruined the original Woodstock message, which is why we’ll hopefully NEVER see another Woodstock.


Why I Love My Flip

August 10, 2009

For Father’s Day this year I got a Flip. I love the thing. It makes taking video in situations where you wouldn’t carry a video camera a breeze. They come out in HD and make it simple to upload to a PC. It’s an awesome little camera. It has a rechargeable battery in it but in a pinch, takes 2 AA batteries so you’ll never be without power.

Case in point, Terri and Dylan went to the Land of Make Believe on Saturday while I stayed home to work on the house. They came home with a ton of videos for me to watch. How cool is that?? Here are 2 of my favorites.

This is Dylan on the Train and LoMB which he absolutely loves…

LoMB has a castle where they do live shows but use the guests at the part to act in them. This is the second time Dylan has done it, this time as a Spriggan?? Whatever that is.. of course Dylan sees the horns and thinks cow!!

What I Would Remake

August 6, 2009

Doesn’t it seem like Hollywood is out of original ideas? I mean how many things are going to get remade? I kind of felt it last year when 90210 returned to TV but I admit I did watch it all year long, even though it wasn’t that wonderful. This year, they’ve remade Melrose Place, which in my opinion was a REALLY bad show the first time around. I am getting tired of this trend and thankfully there are some shows and movies that are made from original ideas. However, I will admit to being happy that Rob Zombie has redone the Halloween movies and it continuing with Halloween 2 which like his first remake adds something more to the story.

I’ve also said that if I were going to remake a show, I’d pick Dawson’s Creek. I mean the original show was far better than 90210 or Melrose and the ending of the original show certainly gives a writer enough story lines to continue on with it. In the original, Joey and Pacey ended up together, Jen died leaving her daughter to Jack and Dawson moved to Hollywood and created “The Creek.” So where would I pick up? I’d follow Pacey and Joey who have moved back to Capeside in order to be closer to family while they raise their family. They have a son who’s name is..ready?? Dawson.. in memory of their childhood friend. Jack’s still in Capeside raising Jen’s daughter and in fact has become the first gay mayor of Capeside. Dawson’s (Leery not Witter) mom and sister still live in Capeside as well. Of course there would be new characters as well. Hey, if you can do it with crappy shows like 90210 and Melrose, why couldn’t you do it with a better show like Dawson?

Music Wednesday – Stuff I Don’t or Wouldn’t Like

August 5, 2009

So talking about my Music Wednesday’s themes and selections with Terri last night, I asked what the theme should be for today. She told me I should let her do it, so I am (although I am actually doing the post, inserting my comments but she picked the songs).  In her words, this is music I don’t or wouldn’t like if I haven’t heard it.

Lady Gaga – Boys Boys Boys: She’s right, not really into Lady Gaga. I’ve mentioned I can dig Poker Face but that about it. Apparently she wanted to write the female version of Motley Crue’s Girls Girls Girls. I’ll pass on both!!

Lonnie Donnegan – Does Your Chewing Gum Lose It’s Flavor On The Bedpost Overnight: I can’t even really comment. I mean I’ve never heard the song, heard of the song until Terri sent me this list.

Ace of Base – Blooming 18: She’s right, I’ve hated Ace of Base (shouldn’t it be Bass or are they playing tag?) since the day I first heard them. Reminds me of Abba which I also hate, which surprisingly she didn’t list.

The Ting Tings – Thats Not My Name:  I don’t HATE this song but I don’t particularly like it either.  Song is way too repetitive for me, like a trance (and a monotone one at that) and in the end I just want to know what the f  is your name then.

Real McCoy – Come and Get Your Love:  Not sure I ever heard this song but I’m not a Real McCoy fan so that’s probably why and again, she’s right.

Starz on 54 – If You Could Read My Mind: I wasn’t a fan of the original Gordon Lightfoot song (or remakes by Babs and Viola Wills)  so it’s hard for me to like this song remade. If I compare the two (here’s Gordon’s) the remake is certainly better but still doesn’t thrill me.

All American Rejects – Gives You Hell: Just not a fan of the AAR. I can’t put my figure on my but they just don’t do it for me.

Jennifer Lopez – Lets Get Loud:  She’s right I can’t stand this song…

Gwen Stefani – Hollaback Girl: It’s not that I didn’t like this song, its that I didn’t understand why she would make a song where she swears so much. I think when this came out Terri was doing a show with all kids and I remember one of them saying their mom wouldn’t let them have this CD because of this song. When your target audience is a bunch of kids who need their parents to buy them the CD and won’t because you swear, why do it?

Amy Winehouse – Rehab: Everyone once in while an artist will come out and people go absolutely crazy over them. I’ll sit down, listen to a song of theirs and just not understand what all the fuss is about. (my short list of these types of people would be The Jonas Bros, Miley Cyrus, Joss Stone and Amy Winehouse). I find this song EXTREMELY annoying.

So there’s the list she sent me, minus a few that I disagreed with. At the end of the day, Terri’s taste in music and my taste in music are very different although we do agree on some stuff. Maybe we should put a list together that reflects that.

Project Playroom

August 3, 2009

Work has begun on what I would like to call “Project Playroom.” When we moved into our house almost 4 years ago, we had a room in the basement that someday we knew we’d like to do something with but there were a few problems with it. Issue number one, the house ran on oil heat and the oil tank was located behind a wall in that room. It was dirty and smelly and we knew if we wanted to do something with that room ever, we’d have to get rid of that before anything else. In fact, when we moved in and were giving house tours to family and friends, my then 4 year old niece told us the basement was “nice…but dirty!!” Last October we converted our heating over to natural gas and got rid of the oil tank. Problem number two, the heating pipes that run from the furnace to the upstairs of the house hang below the rafters in this room. Last week, a plumber came and ran everything through the rafters so I close up the entire ceiling (since its just heating pipes and no valves/shutoffs). That’s all I need for outside help in order to finish the room. I spent yesterday afternoon hanging some recessed lighting but didn’t get all of them up. I have to move some outlets and cable/internet hookups to a different part of the house. Once that’s done, I can frame some walls, sheetrock the entire room, paint and then lay a new laminate floor. A lot of work ahead but once it’s done it will be nice.

We spent a lot of time trying to figure out what to do with this room. Originally we thought game room with a pool table but the pool table would have taken up the entire room. Looking around the house we saw how much stuff Dylan has and we thought it would be nice to have a playroom with some decent storage but we felt like we were banishing him to the basement until I found a picture on flickr of a playroom in a basement. It was a very nice room, didn’t really look like a basement and made us feel better about doing it.

So the work has begun but it will probably take some time to finish it. I felt bad yesterday because Dylan knew I was working on the room yesterday and kept running over to the stairs that go down there to see if it was done.

After the playroom is finished, my workshop is soon to follow with a makeover..(it’s also the basement, behind where the playroom will be).

Wednesday Music: Back To The 90’s Again

July 29, 2009

Hole – Celebrity Skin: I hated Hole, seriously. I hated Courtney Love, I hate the rumors about her being responsible for Kurts death and hated that she later got in the way of a box set release because she claimed Cobain’s former band mates were hijacking Nirvana’s legacy for their own personal interests. I guess selling twenty-five percent of her stake in the Nirvana song catalog for $50 million isn’t for her personal interest. But this is the one and only song I liked that Hole did.

White Zombie – Super Charger Heaven: I liked a few Zombie songs, this being one of them. I think Rob Zombie does much better making movies. Can’t wait for H2.

Tool – Aenema: Just a pissed off song about his surroundings in California. My favorite line has to be “Fuck L Ron Hubbard and fuck all his clones” because this song was written more than 13 years ago yet holds true today.

Veruca Salt – Volcano Girls:  I was always a sucker for this band. I love when bands reference or play another of their songs in a song. They also pay dues to the Beatles in this song, pick it out.

Matthew Sweet – Sick of Myself: I couldn’t decide which Matthew Sweet vid to throw up here because they are all just so damn good.

Porno for Pyros – Pets: I never understood this band. Made up of members of Jane’s Addiction after JA broke up and looked and sounded very much like Jane’s Addiction. This song always made me laugh.

Cypress Hill – Insane in the Brain: Love this song, love most of their songs. Saw them in Rhode Island once, crazy show.

Rage Against The Machine – Testify: Best video they made even though technically it was done in 2000, I put it on this list. One of my favorite bands in the 90’s until I got tired of their politics. Tom Morello is still one sick guitar player though.

Beastie Boys – Pass The Mic: My all time favorite Jewish rap group.

Alice in Chains – We Die Young: Of all the “Seattle Bands” AIC was my favorite, no contest. Song title certainly summed up the life of Layne Staley pretty accurately.

Weekend Stuff

July 27, 2009

Ever have one of those extremely productive weekends? That’s how I feel this weekend was. I took Friday off because I had a big project of re-staining the deck ahead of me. We are throwing a party next weekend and it needed to be done and dry by that and I wanted it ALL done, not most of the way there by the time people come. I don’t have small deck, it has two levels to it and both levels are pretty big plus there are a lot of spindles and crevices, so I knew it would take time plus there was rain in the forecast so I needed to get it down and dry before the rain. I went to the paint store Friday to get what I needed  and they told me NOT to do it Friday because a big rainstorm was coming so I took their advice and did other things I needed to do around the house instead…IT NEVER RAINED but whatever!!

So Satuday I got up, ran a few errands got set up and was painting by 9:30 am. I got my iPod, cranked the tunes and just went. I think I took 1o mins to eat lunch but other than that I was getting working on the deck. I finished up at about 4:30pm and the entire thing was done. (a few minor touch ups needed this week, nothing major) but its looks so much better. My Wagner sprayer certainly saved me time on the lattice work that is underneath the entire deck.It rained Saturday night around 10pm but it didn’t harm the work I had just done. It also rained on and off all day Sunday but nothing hurt the deck.

Sunday we got up, Dylan sat on the potty without fussing and pooped in the potty for the first time. (we are really giving the potty training a push here) so we made a big deal about it, went to the store about a track for his hot wheels which I think he played with for like 4 hours yesterday and was playing with it this morning. We then ran other errands and before I knew it, it was Monday morning.

So how was your weekend??

Wednesday Music – The Monster Ballads Edition

July 22, 2009

Hair…EVERYWHERE!!! LOL, this was probably the easiest one to put together because there are SO MANY hair bands that did the ballads thing..

Tesla: Love Song – Always wanted to learn how to play the beginning of this song. Always liked this song much more than their Signs cover.

Great White: Angel Song – Another ballad that I liked a lot when this album came out. Sure, Once Bitten Twice Shy got a lot more play but that’s not a ballad. Hard to listen to Great White these days without thinking about the Rhode Island night club tragedy a few years back.

Warrant: Heaven – Warrant only really had two good songs, this and Cherry Pie but this was their big monster ballad. I think my first slow dance was to this song or Every Rose Has It’s Thorn, I can’t remember.  Ahhh, the Junior High slow dance…LOL

Skid Row: I Remember You – These guys were my absolute favorite hard rock act of the 80’s. Sebastian Bach could kick Axl’s ass any day of the week. I think Sebastian Bach would be a cool guy to party with, plus he lives in NJ now (not that far away from me!!). One of the first songs I learned on the guitar, all be it, very badly!!

Firehouse: Love of a Lifetime – Did this band ever do a song that wasn’t a ballad??

Guns-N-Roses: November Rain – I know, most would pick Patience when talking G-n-R ballads but this video was EPIC. How does she die? Based on a short story where you wonder if the short story was written about Axl’s life. While Skid Row was my favorite band in this time period, Slash was hands down the best guitarist and coolest mofo around. Before I die, I will own a sunburst Gibson Les Paul.

Mr. Big: To Be With You – This song reminds me of high school and just hanging out on Friday nights with friends..(couldn’t find the video so this is a crappy live version).

Poison: Something To Believe In – It’s a toss up, which ballad is better, Every Rose or this one??? Piano in the beginning gives it something extra.

White Lion: When The Children Cry – Back in the ages of the “White” bands.. Whitesnake, White Lion, Great White… wtf?? Did these guys ever have another hit??

Queensryche: Silent Lucidity – I still bust the album Empire out every once in while. I loved this album when it came out, pretty much wore it out. Another song I learn on guitar rather quickly.

Wednesday Music: The Covers Edition

July 15, 2009

It’s Wednesday…that means its time to listen to some music. I kind of like these posts!! This week I figured I would do the whole “Best Covers” edition. Now, some of these you’ll probably argue with and this isn’t my entire list, just 10 of the best cover songs I think that have been done. (note, not all these have been made into music videos and they are in no particular order)…

Bangles: Hazy Shade of Winter – I didn’t grow up a Simon and Garfunkel fan so for some time, I didn’t realize this was a cover song. I’ve know that it was for a very LONG time but in the beginning I did not. And as a teen I thought Suzanna Hoffs was smokin’ hot!!

Fugees: Killing Me Softly – When I first started dating the girl who would end up someday being my wife, she absolutely loved this song. In fact, at that time I worked at a radio station doing promotional stuff (you know the vans that go out to locations and give away stuff) and this station didn’t play the Fugees so they would just give away those CD’s to the employees if they got them and I brought it home for her. I think we listened to this song at least 100 times straight. She’s a little nutty like that!!

Janis Joplin: Me and Bobby McGee – Every once in a while an artist covers a song and makes you completely forget that its a cover song. Be honest, how many thought Janis wrote this song??

Marilyn Manson: Personal Jesus – I always thought this was a weird remake but at the same time just seemed to fit. Always thought Marilyn Manson was somewhat of a genius.

Metallica: Turn The Page – I just like this song both this version and the Bob Segar version. Video is a little graphic..

Black Crowes: Hard To Handle – Like the Janis song above…raise your hand if you didn’t know Otis Redding originally did this..

Ugly Kid Joe: Cats in the Cradle – I grew up on Harry Chapin and I thought UKJ did a pretty good job on this.

Alien Ant Farm: Smooth Criminal – As promised last week this would be included in the “covers” theme. I love the video because it takes pieces from a bunch of MJ’s videos.

Shinedown: Simple Man – I love Lynyrd Skynyrd and I always thought this was a pretty good version of this song.

Daughtry: Poker Face – I’m not a big fan of Lady Gaga (although she writes everything she does so props!!) but I thought Chris’s version of Poker Face was done really well and it made me like the original a lot more.

Tales of the Garage Sale

July 13, 2009

This weekend we held a garage sale. We had a lot of crap to get rid of, my brother-in-law had a lot of crap to get rid of and my mother-in-law had a lot of crap to get rid of. So we decided to the best thing to do was to allow people to pay us to take our crap. Garage sales just confirm what I already knew, that I don’t like most people in the world. A couple of highlights shall we:

  • Terri’s brother was selling a PS2. You can buy them online used for $75 – $99 so we decided to price his at $50. I was busy with a new fridge delivery (great timing) and he was busy with helping someone else so my sister-in-law was dealing with a woman trying to buy the PS2. Mike and I both hear “$5 for the PS2??” to which Mike said No. I’m not sure of the events that followed but somehow it came out that she paid full price for the PS2, full price meaning $10 as the sticker on the PS2 said. Wait what? We looked around, an item that was near the PS2, that was priced at $10 was missing its tag. She switched them and ripped us off. Nice people in this world.
  • A certain ethnic group (i’ll leave it at that) would stop by and no matter what the price marked on an item was ($1, $5, $10) they would offer 50 cents…EVERYTIME. Do they have a handbook on this or something?
  • Same group was trying to buy watches we had.. I believe they were marked at $3 a piece…offer came in “50 cents for each”…NO…”ok, a dollar for both”..NO THAT WOULD BE THE SAME THING…
  • A car pulled up, was a like a Subaru stationwagon/hatchback kind of car.. 6 adults poured out of the car and then I noticed they had at least 4 kids stuffed into the trunk compartment of the car.The kids were all under 8 and in NJ the law is 8 or 80 pounds you MUST be in a booster seat. Not to mention the “not allowed to have more people than seat belts” law..and I liive across the street from a police station.

It’s been a number of years since our last garage sale and I can tell you now, it’s going to be quite a few before our next one. They suck plain and simple but I did get rid of A LOT of crap. Of course the things that you think will sell don’t, the things you don’t think will sell so and the things that aren’t for sale (a red wagon that we were using to display stuff) got at least 20 inquiries.

On a side note, I found this video this morning…the beginning where they simulate a thunderstorm is absolutely amazing…